The Process

First things first-

  1. Contact us with your ideas and we will do our best to bring your vision to life, if you’re not sure exactly what you want that’s ok too- we are artists after all!
  2. Once you decide to place an order, click on the payment page and make a deposit (you can pay your deposit online through our square store, or mail us a money order if you prefer with the gun parts).
  3. Send us a picture of the gun or the stock and forend if they have been removed from the gun.
  4. Please ship us the buttstock and forend of the gun ONLY, they must be removed from the gun, this keeps your shipping costs and red tape at a minimum.
  5. Once your deposit is received and gun parts are on the way to us,  we do a virtual design to make sure that we have the same vision (This is the time for adjustments, additions, or any other fine tuning).
  6. Once you approve the final design, and your deposit is received, the real work begins!!!
  7. When the design is completed we will e-mail you photos and ship the gun parts to your desired location upon receipt of final payment.
  8. Re-install the parts on the gun- and GO SHOOT SOMETHING 😀

All Gun Designs are Copyright Black Byrd Studio 2013


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