Gun Pricing:


  • Stripping, hand sanding and other prep work for staining:
  1. Two-piece pump shotgun stock…..150.00
  2. Single piece rifle or shotgun stock……150.00
  • Staining in a stock color……100.00
  • Staining in custom color:…..150.00
  • Stain consisting of more than one color:……200.00
  • Monogram Initials:……20.00
  • Add glitter or iridescent finish:…..20.00
  • Embellishment / Painting / Inlay / additional decoration:……100.00/hr

Additional painting or decoration for your design will vary in cost on a per hour basis, you will be quoted the number of hours necessary once you have approved a final design. Your deposit amount will be 2/3 the final cost of project with the final 1/3 to be paid upon completion of project before shipping.

(All Prices are in US Dollars)

All Gun Designs are Copyright Black Byrd Studio 2013


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