Friday Night Arts



Come on down to The Ritz theater! Live music from Johnson Grass right now and fire dancing starting at 9!


Secret Show at The Ritz!!!

First Friday ArtWalk in Corpus Christi will be happening again at The Ritz theater downtown March 7th from 5pm to 9pm. Come on down and check out the art from BlackByrd and the lovely folks at BrotherWolf SisterMoon Tattoo- along with some other amazing local artists. Hang out after ArtWalk and join us for the secret show around at the side door!! The cover for the show goes to help fund the restoration of the theater and help bring her back to her original glory.  There are some great acts lined up for the show including:

Johnson Grass Band

Pake Rossi

Tyler McCumber

Ty Dietz

Jason Maddox

Mikey Rivera Jr.

Photo Credit: Alejandro Rodriguez Cavazos

Photo Credit: Alejandro Rodriguez Cavazos

Photo Credit: Alejandro Rodriguez Cavazos

Photo Credit: Alejandro Rodriguez Cavazos

Photo Credit: Alejandro Rodriguez Cavazos

Photo Credit: Alejandro Rodriguez Cavazos

Ritz Theater Restoration

We will be set up with prints for sale again at the Ritz Theater in downtown Corpus Christi on March 7th for ArtWalk! Enjoy this awesome acoustic song from the last ArtWalk Event at the Ritz and join us for the next one!

Pencil Portraits


Some new things in the works at the studio! We are trying to get some stuff ready for the next ArtWalk in March. We do also work on commission so if you need some art, whether it’s a tattoo design or portrait work we would be happy to create something special just for you.

Help us Save The Ritz Theater!

Help us Save The Ritz Theater!

The Ritz is an incredible grande dame of movie palaces from the 1920’s in desperate need of renovation after being closed to the public for 24 years. She needs alot of love and money. We were so honored to help raise a little bit of cash last night for this worthy cause and to support the arts in here in Corpus Christi. More photos and info under EVENTS.

First Friday Art Walk


Black Byrd Studio will have some selected art for sale! We are also partnering with the amazing artists at Brother Wolf Sister Moon Tattoo to bring some of their work to ArtWalk on Friday. If you’re in the Corpus Christi area or South Texas in general, join us at The Ritz Theater as we try to help fund the restoration of this historic building and enjoy some fantastic live music and art. Hope to see you there!!!!

First Friday ArtWalk – Friday, February 7th, 5:30-9pm
715 N. Chaparral Street

The Ritz Theatre will feature live music by:
Forty Pound Dog
Chavar Dontae
Violet Crush

Join us for an evening of great music and learn how The Ritz Restoration is moving forward… and how you can help revitalize The Ritz and downtown!

And for the folks who can’t stay away from the Ritz once ArtWalk is done, Corpus Christi PATCH is collaborating with local artists to host a series of “secret shows” after ArtWalk that are actually Raise the Roof fundraisers for the Ritz Restoration project. Check out what the buzz is about on Feb. 7th, when Sun Salutation, The Shake Down and Flat Broke light up the Ritz’s stage after the doors close on ArtWalk!

For more information, go to

Love, the Sea, and Hemingway.

Love, the Sea, and Hemingway.

I’m watching the horizon, scanning, watching the strands of gray pull together. Watching the skies get thick and the clouds become rolling stones. Wondering what’s going to happen. Dwelling in the uncertainty of the moment and reminding myself that the ending is still a long way off wrapped up in blue skies on the other side of this insurmountable wall of atmosphere. Wondering if I will survive landfall. Wondering if I should run for cover or stand my ground defiantly. Knowing that whatever I do carries equal risk with different consequences. I think that I will just shut my eyes and let the rain fall. Let it pour over me and let the wind, rain, and salt in the air sink all the way to my bones. Let myself become a grain of sand on the beach. Try to get smaller as your storm rolls onto my shore. Remain quiet as the gale winds make a mockery of my put together façade. Watch the boiling skies reflected back at me through emerald pacific waters. Feel the tide pulling at my feet digging me further into the earth. I wonder briefly what would happen if I stood there long enough. Would I disappear into the sand forever? I’m not sure, and I’m not sure it really matters. Maybe if I wait the waves will join me. Perhaps if I stand here long enough the sea will take me in and take me home. I am happy to stand in the maelstrom and be calm. Be quiet in the cacophony of the wind. Pretend I am just another wave joining the ranks. After all this time welcomed in to the whipping waves. Eden found.

Food for Change

I was tired of being pushed toward increasingly unpalatable and unhealthy food choices.  I try to purchase organic and free rage grass fed foods, but this was no guarantee that I could get all my body’s nutrients through my typical diet.  A good multi-vitamin helps, but what about all the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis? Some friends at the gym said I should try the Isagenix products.  I was skeptical, I usually am- but they gave me some things to try and despite wanting to discount them…I found they did make me feel better.  There were no fireworks, no fanfares blown, but I did feel better.  I had more energy, and somehow I was in a better mood.

So, since then I have continued to use their products and I  like them more all the time.  They have excellent foods and supplements to help you whether you think you need to lose some pounds, worry about how your body is aging, or you’re a serious athlete needing high quality support for your lifestyle.  For me- the biggest reason I use Isagenix is because of the large number of toxins we absorb on a daily basis.

Isagenix makes a product called Cleanse For Life that you can use everyday, or use for deep cleansing.  This stuff is awesome and cleanses your body on a cellular level, not just flushing out excess water. The video asks, “Are you toxic?”, but the truth is we all are.  I think we all understand that our world is plagued with unnatural compounds and not only do we breathe them in and touch them, we EAT them.  My personal experience has convinced me that Cleanse For Life works, and when I run out- I can feel the difference.

Christmas KISS


Keep it simple. Part of the sermon on gift giving for Sunday’s service at Coastal Oaks Church…keep it simple. The Bear and I have decided that when we have children we will have a four gift rule.

1. Something you want.
2. Something you need.
3. Something you wear.
4. Something you read.

I wish I could take credit for this, but I saw it on Pinterest. Oh how I adore Pinterest. We have also decided that every year we will give a birthday gift to Jesus. Not just give ourselves cool stuff on His birthday. Maybe we help some local folks get stuff for the holidays or volunteer at the animal shelter. The bottom line is Keep It Simple, so we don’t lose sight of our priorities. It’s too easy in this world to get lost in the flashy newness. It’s easy to forget that God offers us immortality. Life everlasting…let that sink in for a moment. An endless life with a perfect body, no sadness, or pain. If you say you don’t want that- deep down- you know that you’re fibbing. We ALL crave a happy ending. Don’t let your exhaustion and cynicism with this cursed world doom you to eternal separation from the happy ending He planned for you. My intent is not to preach, I would be an awful preacher. But out of love for every person who reads this I am compelled to write this message. No matter how many Christians you’ve met or what kind of people they were, please don’t judge or disregard the message just because we are often awful and imperfect people. With deepest love, and wishing everyone, absolutely everyone, a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.

Merry Christmas!


Homemade gifts with burlap wrapping left over from the wedding. The studio has been so quiet with life taking precedent over art for awhile. But as the Christmas season progresses life begins to return to some semblance of normality and I’m itching to do some paintings…

We have also decided to expand the scope of the studio to encompass all of the art we create. We will continue to do custom firearms, but we do so much more! So we will be making a few changes to the website, including an actual blog. Keep your eyes open for all the stuff coming out of Black Byrd!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!